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Picture this: You’re writing that life-saving email for work to your boss, so close to finishing… almost there! Suddenly, *beep* your phone screen begins to darken. Your forehead begins to crinkle – your face so worriedly pleading! And then…. it happens. You watch your phone die. You feel your legs melt and your heart begins to race. Scrambling your entire house, struggling to find a charger, the heartwrenching realization hits. There are no chargers at your home. It’s too late to go out and buy one – all shops are closed! What will you do?

This, my friend, was a world before Pintote. But this dilemma is a pandemic of sorts – it doesn’t only plague chargers. This scenario could, and in fact, is bound to happen with anything! Electronics, clothing, foods, you name it!  As our slogan goes, we’re always nearby. In a fast-paced world where technology is continually progressing, feeling connected, despite the utmost advancements in development, can feel impossible. Pintote is the world’s most innovative and people-driven organization; tote by tote, step by step, the world becomes a better place. Pintote is transforming the world by creating a platform that connects the consumer to the seller – the world is now at your fingertips. 

Imagine our initial scenario, but this time, minus the draining stress. With Pintote, simply check out our website, and search for your desired product(s). Instantly, we assure you’ll be greeted with a plethora of fellow Pintoters nearby. But that’s not all our platform has to offer! The most stunning and eco-friendliest of packaging, best-quality products, and renowned service, Pintote is surely fit for a queen/king!


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